adVenture Galleries Services: Part 2

This week we will be reviewing the services that are included in the Distinguished Bundle and I’m happy to answer any questions in the comment section below!


The Distinguished Bundle is designed for authors who are looking for valuable industry information and an elevated advertising agenda for a great deal!

The Distinguished Bundle includes: Rotating book ad for 12 months on reader relevant pages, Monthly ad and/or contest online, Once a month email to readers, Monthly newsletter & analytics, Monthly industry blog email, Like, Know, Trust email package (3), 1 book of the moment post, and VIP access to Venture Galleries blog archives.


I’m not going to review the items above that are also in the Starter Bundle, you can click here for that information.


* Like, Know, Trust Email Package (3)

Venture Galleries will send out a 3 or 10 email series (based on your bundle) including, your detailed bio with headshot, and a personal note; a sneak peak of your work in progress as an exclusive, a serial email with a product already published, a sales push for your latest release, a sales push for a discounted title, etc.

To the right is a sample of a customized email about an author with their bio, purchase links, and a little something personal. Each email is customized to the client and has your personal touch on it.


* At least 1 Book of the Moment Post

Book of the Moment posts are always in the top ranking page views on Venture Galleries by readers. You will receive at least 1 BOTM per annual membership. Dates are first come, first serve without priority access to the Venture Galleries staff (an upgrade option). This will include author bio, picture, book cover, blurb, buy links, and excerpt. Readers will also receive an email with the BOTM information during same week and BOTM is also posted on all Venture Galleries social media channels.


* VIP Access to adVenture Galleries Blog Archives

As a part of your membership, you will have exclusive access to all archived industry relevant postings from Venture Galleries. This is a fantastic resource as videos and training clips are frequently added to the archive as well.


Next week, we will go over the services offered in the Professional Bundle.


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