Caleb and Linda Pirtlector
Caleb Pirtle III
Linda Pirtle: editor

The Vision of Venture Galleries

Venture Galleries has been established to showcase, promote, and market the works of talented authors and artists who are building a niche in the marketplace.

In a concerted effort to connect readers, writer, and books, Venture Galleries is intent on providing top-quality authors a venue where the company can work with writers to promote and sell their books in either printed or eBook format.

Another major thrust of Venture Galleries is to serve as a marketing and sales arm for books that have already been published. We provide authors with a platform where they can produce their own blogs and interviews, participating in a unified effort to promote the work of every author on the site.

In addition, the company works just as hard through social media to market and promote authors who are not part of the Venture Galleries family. Three times every week, Author’s Showcase on the Website features the work of top Indie authors in all genres. It is the aim of Venture Galleries to support the eBook revolution that is spreading throughout the country.

Venture Galleries is primarily marketing and producing books that cover such genres as mystery, suspense, legal thrillers, espionage, romance, sports, humor, travel, mainstream fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction.

Cheryl Letsch & JoAnna Grace

Caleb and Linda Pirtle are founding partners of Venture Galleries. Pirtle is former travel editor for Southern Living Magazine, a screenwriter with three motion picture and TV movie credits, and the author of more than seventy published books. Educator Linda Pirtle, has written her debut novel, a cozy mystery, The Mah Jongg Murders.

Caleb and Linda partnered with Y&R Enterprises, LLC to assist Venture Galleries with more direct marketing and unique skills to help authors reach more fans and visibility with their talented writing.

JoAnna Grace is an award-winning author who is assisting with Author Services and hosting the weekly blog, 5 in Five interviewing other writers

Cheryl Letsch is a marketing and publicist maven who loves this industry and helping readers find their next favorite book and author.

They both bring passion and a drive for excellence that is unparalleled, so join the “adVenture Galleries” today if you’re interested in taking your sales and books to the next level with Venture Galleries!