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The Unknown: Cutting Down Travel Expenses

The Unknown by Caleb Pirtle III The Scene: Graham, Texas The Setting: Downtown The preacher was in a strange town. Well, maybe the town wasn’t strange, but it was new and different and out of the ordinary for Dr. Paul Powell.  He was the… Read more

Sweet Sounds

November 22, 20111 Comment

The Unknown by Caleb Pirtle III Setting: New Orleans Scene: Bourbon Street Only the song was older than the wrinkled little man who played it. He sat back in the darkened corner of a tiny room in a darkened corner of… Read more

The Unknown: The Hope for Oil

The Unknown by Caleb Pirtle III The Scene: Giddings, Texas The Setting: The City Meat Market Hershel Doyle glanced up from the pit, thick with the smoke of brisket and sausage. He watched the crowd elbowing its way into the City Meat Market as it… Read more