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Luckenbach, Texas

November 25, 20113 Comments

Somewhere on the outskirts of Luckenbach, Texas.  Pop. 3. The Scene: Luckenbach is nothing more than a cluster of old, outdated buildings, a mere eight miles from the antique capital of Fredericksburg, located at the end of a dirt road off Ranch… Read more

The Unforgettable: Connection to the Sea

November 11, 20111 Comment

The Unforgettable by Caleb Pirtle IIIThe Scene: Mystic, ConnecticutThe Setting: A Bustling Seaport Connection to the Sea George Churchill and the Bingham were at sea. Fading in the gray fog and the distance behind them were the dimming lights of… Read more

Interview with Cathie Borrie, Author of THE LONG HELLO

Cathie Borrie and her mom, JoIn another blog I reviewed Cathie Borrie’s wonderful, literary memoir about her experience caring for her mother during her mom’s seven-year journey through Alzheimer’s (AD).  Cathie was kind enough to share this… Read more

Alzheimer's Memory Screening Day, Nov 15

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness month, so I  thought this press release from the Alzheimer’s Foundation  of America (AFA) would be timely. NEW YORK, NY –In testament to the value of community-based memory screenings,… Read more

I was sick, and you visited me…

Last Wednesday, I posted a blog about Shawn Hancock, a young man that a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting rendered a quadriplegic eighteen years ago.  He now faces eviction from the only home he has known since his injury, Truman W. Smith… Read more

Living on the Edge

The Unforgotten by Caleb Pirtle III The Scene: The Grand Canyon The Setting: The Tovar Hotel It sits perched on the edge of a canyon that conservationist John Muir called “God’s Spectacle.” And maybe it is. Naturalist John Burroughs… Read more