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Happy New Year Around the World

For as long as I can remember the New Year always started on January first, but did you know that celebrating a new year actually started in early spring It was first observed in ancient Babylon about four thousand years ago? In the years… Read more

What’s the story behind a greeting card?

I LOVE TO KEEP GREETING CARDS that have been sent to me, especially those with interesting pictures. The cards are all tacked to the wall above my desk, along with some lovely bookmarks and pictures of cats. There is no pattern to what I put up… Read more

The old roaster made it all right with the world.

A little over twenty years ago my husband and I moved to Omaha Nebraska for several years and left the kids in Texas – they were grown then, so no, we didn’t abandon them. – I realized how much I love Thanksgiving and how much I really do… Read more

When kids go back to school, you get a new lease on life.

In many states across the U.S., kids are getting ready to go back to school. At least their parents are getting them ready to go back to school. The kids might not be so anxious to let go of the lazy summer days. When my kids were young, one of… Read more

A Message from Her Father: It’s not so foolish to pursue a dream.

Maryann Miller and her father celebrate their final Father’s Day together. My father died three years ago on April 1st, and there are days I wish we could go back and make the call I got from my sister an inappropriate April Fool’s Day joke. The… Read more

A Tribute to Mother: A Portrait in Courage

Maryann Miller and her mother. NOT ALL MOTHER/CHILD relationships are idyllic, and my mother and I certainly had our moments that were not fodder for a Hallmark greeting card commercial. Ours was not a storybook relationship for many years, and… Read more