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Your roots are buried in the history of your own hometown.

AFTER MAKING A SIDE-TRIP on my way home from Wisconsin, I posted a picture of the bridge across the Ouachita River at Rockport, Arkansas. I received a couple of likes and one comment. The comment from an old high school friend, “I know… Read more

The Titles and Subtitles of our Lives

TEN LARGE CEILING TILES lined the hallway on the opposite side of the curtain. I counted them through the mesh at the top numerous times during the test. Let’s see, the official title of this procedure is an Echocardiogram. But I think the… Read more

Sagebrush, Dust, and a Prayer for Rain.

The unrelenting heat parched and cracked everything it touched.  Waterholes —once viable —stood dry in the path of the cattle and men driving them.  This favored trail became the worst under these drought conditions. “If some clouds… Read more

A Love Story and How It All Began.

Lana Lynne, left, and Mary Felder at a book signing. “Why did you start writing?” asked the eldest daughter of my coauthor after our signing on Saturday. I glanced around the small café table at the expectant faces. “Well, it was… Read more

When Imagination Takes Flight. The Authors Collection.

The sunlight offset the nip in the air for the boys in the treehouse.  They scrambled up the planked ladder of boards nailed to the trunk before breakfast.   Imagination driven scenarios changed the setting by the hour for the young lads…. Read more

Memories of Christmas Past.

~~Warmth of hearth– Presented, whether rich or poor. ~~Laughter and love– Awaited within the door. ~~Busy hands and swift feet– Prepared food and more. ~~Never did her guests feel begrudged– Welcomed with genuine hospitality… Read more