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My Personal Primer on Self Publishing: Part 2

  John Crawley In Part One of my primer on self-publishing, we discussed the importance of putting together the essentials for producing a book – from a professionally edited manuscript, great cover, printing, and eBook conversion. Now… Read more

Thinking about self publishing? This is how I did it, and it worked.

John Crawley I was stopped cold the other evening, when on a walk with the dogs a stranger from the neighborhood approached and said. “You are the writer, aren’t you?”  For a moment I thought it might be a gun nut and I was going to be… Read more

You can always take a chance on the fine arts of smart marketing and good storytelling.

Recently I did some backyard research. (That’s what we used to call it in the advertising industry. That, or ‘mother-in-law’ research.)  The point of the fact- finding was to determine who my audience was for the novels I had been writing and… Read more

When a serial is running, I find that more readers are discovering my books. Marketing works.

What if Pickett’s Charge had not ended in failure? What if the South had won the war? Hello sports fans…it is time for march madness.  And here some madness I am offering up. Starting Monday morning, my twelve-year old novel, The Uncivil… Read more

A Great Mystery: What would have happened if the Civil War had turned out differently?

John Crawley Starting next week, Venture Galleries is going to offer up my novel The Uncivil War as a serial adventure on their web site. It is the largest historical novel I have tackled to date and took close to ten years to research and… Read more

With the democracy of the Internet, indie publishers are as equal as traditional ones

It has been a few weeks since I last posted a blog other than my serial novels which appear here every morning as if by magic. But today I want to report a conversation I had with a literary agent the other day, who was at the same function I was… Read more