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Writing is what we pass on to the future. The Authors Collection

WE HAVE BEEN TALKING about best sellers vs. low-sellers. Now let’s discuss fiction vs. non-fiction and what sells best. By now, you probably know that novels are the hardest sell for unknown writers. So why do I write them? Abraham… Read more

What makes a bestseller? The Authors Collection

SO WHAT ELSE MAKES A BESTSELLER? What makes one book sell millions of copies while others languish? I think most would say that best-sellers are written well, are interesting, and have a hook—the languishers, not so much. Makes sense,… Read more

What’s the difference between a low seller and a best seller? The Authors Collection

I RECENTLY MET JEANETTE WALLS at the Highland Park Literary Festival. Some people found her memoir, The Glass Castle unbelievable, but it sold millions of copies. She followed the memoir with two novels, one she called a true life novel. My… Read more

Can ordinary people become great writers? The Authors Collection

ALMOST ALL WRITERS I read about say they knew they were going to write along about Kindergarten time. Not me. I didn’t write seriously until deep into middle age. And when I began, I didn’t really think of myself as a writer. Writers were… Read more

Want to stop throwing your money away? The Authors Collection.

MOST OF THE STORIES of my years advising clients on tax and financial matters have happy endings. But recent conversations and requests for advice by some reveal that the primary problems facing Middle America are the same ones faced when I… Read more

The old way of life still remains.The Authors Collection

The downtown street of Enloe, Texas in 1897. Photo courtesy Jeff Duncan, Clara Foster Slough Museum WE ARRIVED A HALF HOUR EARLY for the memorial service, so I drove past the church, through what is left of downtown Enloe, Texas, calling up… Read more