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A Dying Wish. A Jack Durish Short Story

“Is he…” “Sleeping.” Barbara relaxed at the word. She pulled up a chair and sat at his bedside while the nurse finished her chores. When she turned back to her husband she found him smiling at her. “Is it… Read more

Does it always rain on love?

Fighting back the rain on a day for love. Photograph: The Guardian ADAM, LUGGAGE IN HAND, stood behind the doorman under the awning outside the hotel entrance. They were surrounded by a torrent that formed vertical walls on three sides. The only… Read more

The Atomic Veterans Condemned to Ground Zero

Ground Zero after the Atomic Bomb devastated Hiroshima to help end World War II. DICK LATHAM IS A UNITED STATES MARINE whose story is missing a chapter. Members of every branch of the United States military wear their story upon their chest…. Read more

Why are you scared to take a driving test?

A Datsun 510 station wagon ready for the road. THERE IS A GROWING CONCERN that elderly drivers are unfit to operate motor vehicles safely and many states are now summoning them to the DMV to demonstrate their ability. Once upon a time you were… Read more

In the heat of Battle: The Gettysburg of Korea.

WHEN I WROTE my first novel, Rebels on the Mountain, I crafted a hero to fit the role of a soldier/spy observing Fidel Castro and his revolution in Cuba. It seemed obvious that my man would have been too young to have fought in World War II and… Read more

What makes someone a Communist?

The devastating Civil War in Spain turned many into Communists ARE YOU NOW or have you ever been a Communist? The lives of many people were ruined just because they were asked, Are you a communist. Some lost their employment, their fortunes,… Read more