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Even death can have a happy ending.

  “Everybody likes to go their own way—to choose their own time and manner of devotion.” –Jane Austen One important way many choose to go is to keep their promises to the dead. Free lance writer Linda Della Donna has done just that… Read more

The earth will save itself when we are gone.

  Today’s guest blogger is my dear friend, Miriam Goldberg. She wrote this essay to accompany my entry into the Fragile Earth photo competition at Western Carolina University. My entry was one of 96 accepted in a field of over… Read more

How I Watch College Football

   There’s nothing like a little opera in the background to spice up Saturday afternoon football in the fall. Fictitious conversation overheard in the programing offices of one of the major networks: Executive A: Well, it’s football… Read more

I prefer seeing the world in black and white.

In a photograph I’ve named “The Portal,” notice the detail in the dark areas while the highlights are not blown out. I think about this image a lot while shooting, always trying to do it again. AM I OLD FASHIONED or a purist? When I play… Read more

The Beauty of Death

by Rika Inami of Japan Rika likes tanka, she says, ” because it is nearer the person, which is different from haiku.  Haiku is more abstract than tanka. So we can’t express ourselves enough.” Deep shadow of the desolate dead tree Is it a… Read more

Is it time we took control of our lives?

IN JERRY KRAMER’S BOOK, Instant Replay, he makes several references to Vince Lombardi’s exhortations to play with “reckless abandon.” I’m not sure I agree. I believe that football is a game of control. Control the line of… Read more