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The Idle American: Spies in the skies.

    An Amazon drone on the prowl. THERE’S A GOOD CHANCE that ordering goods by mail, phone or email will always have drawbacks that are trumped by “in person” shopping. That’s assuming we can get Mr. Whipple-types away from… Read more

The Idle American: Is your memory out of date?

One of the first of the red hot mobile phones, and now it’s a distant memory. STRANGE, ISN’T IT, how issues lodged far back in the recesses of our memory seemed critically important at the time, but considered in the here and now, fail to… Read more

The Idle American: Is laughter the best medicine?

IN THE COMPANY of three physicians and a veterinarian recently during a three-day span, I queried their personnel about day-to-day occurrences that make them smile. Maybe laughter is the best medicine. In three cases, answers came quickly…. Read more

The Idle American: Good eats, good buddy.

Chef Paul McCabe rules over the eatery at the Town and Country Resort. SOMEWHERE BETWEEN pig Latin and social media’s abbreviations substituted for words–perhaps a quarter-century ago–American drivers communicated on CB (citizens’ band)… Read more

The idle American: Judge ye not lest ye be judged.

Memories of the Fort Stockton Water Carnival from years gone by. SOBERING LESSONS sometimes occur when we are caught between the unforgiving jaws of reality. The “clamped down and locked position” is preferable, though, to jaws grinding… Read more

The Idle American: It’s a hard-headed world.

Colby Lewis, Texas Rangers pitcher, is struck in the head with a line drive. Photo source: Fox Sports IT WON’T HAPPEN, because yearbooks don’t “plug in,” but if today’s high school or college graduates decided to “go retro” for an… Read more