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We never need time in our lives, only rhythm.

Time passes but the rhythm of the land and the rhythm of life is what sustains us. IT ALL STARTED this morning when I looked at an ad in the New York Times Style Magazine that comes with the Sunday New York Times. The ad showed a watch, the… Read more

Beauty is the light in the heart.

Sue Bryce has discovered the true beauty of woman. SOMETIMES WE COME ACROSS a story which stuns us through its depiction of one person’s unusual choice in the midst of great trauma. Jill Kelly is one of those people, a lady who took on the… Read more

Battling those conversations in our heads

ONE THING YOU NEVER have to concern yourself with if you subscribe to my blog is the possibility of my filling up your inbox. It’s been awhile since my last blog. If I don’t have something that I suspect is worth your time to read, I… Read more

We have to talk and need to stay connected.

Talking problems out is the only way a committee ever works successfully. IT’S A WELL KNOWN statement we’ve all heard. In fact, a male friend of years past once told me, in the world of men and women, the four words that most strike terror in… Read more

Unexpected Edges of Life

SOMETIMES A PERSON will grab a glimpse of life which in its commonness and obviousness stuns us. And wouldn’t you know, it’s usually a poet, god bless them. Those creatures of vision that manage to catch an unexpected edge of life,… Read more

A good story is all wrapped up in the details.

FOR WRITERS AND READERS, the devil is not in the details, the world is. For far too long I have allowed myself to believe something I heard repeatedly but never questioned; that being, too many details in writing was the mark of an amateur. They… Read more