Imagination is writing for the theater in your reader’s mind.

Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons, was one of radio’s most popular dramas. THE TEACHER was concerned. No. She was a troubled soul. She did as she had done for years. She sat down in the middle of her classroom floor and told her first… Read more

Want to find the Great American Hero? Look in the mirror.

Karen Silkwood led a brave fight and died a suspicious death. YOU PROBABLY NEVER THOUGHT you were a hero. You’re simply an author, you say. That’s all. You’ve just happened to cast your lot in life with eBooks and the digital… Read more

Writing is all about mysteries, secrets, and imagination.

A scene from Out of the Past, starring Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer. It’s up to the writer’s imagination to let the reader know what happens next. What’s the most important word a writer needs to remember when writing a… Read more

War and Love: A Story for July 4

IT IS A GREAT SLAB of stone from India, black, polished, and reflective in the early morning light that spackles the ground of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. It is two hundred and forty-six feet long and nine feet high. It was built, so… Read more

Did we miss the date on Independence Day?

Did we get Independence Day all wrong? John Adams was aghast. John Adams thought we did. He loved Independence Day. Perhaps no one loved it more. But he was upset because America got it wrong. If John was right, and he usually… Read more

When the swamp gave forth its fortune

WILL TEAL COULDN’T BELIEVE that Caddo was mad at him, but it must have been. He had heard the sacred old Indian tales about the night a great spirit appeared before the chieftain, warning him that “the earth will heave and sink, and it will… Read more