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When is the last time you inspired someone?

AS I SEARCHED, with little success, for the right illustration for this post, I remembered The Storyteller, a print I purchased in a Seattle mall during an art sale more than thirty years ago and that was the end of the search. The look on… Read more

Is it Buddha’s teachings set to music?

I FOUND JOE BONAMASSA because I heard a few lines of a Beth Hart song on a now all but forgotten Google search. Though I’ve forgotten the object of the search, I’ll not forget Joe and Beth.  If you look at this video you’ll know why. So,… Read more

The Spectre of Death, according to Travis McGee

In case you are following the Travis McGee Series of blogs and you’re wondering what happened to Number Seven,  it is here.   Three years ago I was running a Wordpress powered blog and for some reason, I can no longer remember, I added another… Read more

It’s wise to listen when children are talking.

Kids do say the most amazing things and when you least expect it. I LOVE TO TALK to children – or, to be more specific, I love to listen to children.  Their perspective is clear, simple, and direct. There is a reason for that.  They… Read more

Haunting Poems: The Ones That Cross Time

Robert E. Lee, the gray man, astride Traveller, the gray horse I dreamt last night that there was wind and rain. I got up and looked out, but all was strange; A muddy track across a wooded plain; A distant tumult; angry cries, exchange… Read more

Keeping an appointment with my Muse.

Flannery O’Connor knew all about the habits of a writer’s Muse. Artwork by Juliana Peloso I WAS POKING AROUND in the bookcase, looking for something to read when I spotted an old favorite, Bill Moyers’   The Language of Life . Bill and his… Read more