End of the Day J Gerald Crawford

End of the Day
End of the Day

For so many years, the men of North Carolina’s Outer Banks have made their living on the water. To the east is the Atlantic Ocean. To the west is Pimlico Sound, which separates the long, slender isle from the mainland. As I was told, keep driving north or south. “Go east or west, and you get wet.” Down along the docks of Avon, commercial fishermen leave early, cast their nets, and work from sun up until the sun chases them home at the end of the day. I left the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse behind me and reached the boats and pier of the tranquil little fishing village just as the late afternoon sun cast its last glimmer of light on the harbor. No one was around, just the boats and the gentle waters of the sound. It was a frantic place to be in the morning and afternoon when the catch of the day is brought ashore. But I happened to find the docks during that final moment of peace before the darkness came to Avon.

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